Test shots of 172001-cockpit


-Hello everyone, here are some test shots of applying our decal sheet. It's a part of my sample kit building. First step is the cockpit, you can see the effect of the "instrument panel" decal sheet applied on putty-covered PE parts of Hasegawa kit. Looks ok?

-Our decal sheet doesn't designed to fit specificated kits at the beginning, but Hasegawa kits IS our main reference since their Tomcat is considered as the top one in the market. I cut the decal into pieces to fit the original parts, you can see from the photo, it's soft and fit well. No matter you use the PE parts or not, the decal would enhance the final effect. For the accurate final days RIO instrument panel, they are differ from what you got from mainstream model kits, but here's the hint, cut off the round monitor bulge, a little sanding, then our squared monitor decal sheet will do the rest. To add on a small Lantirn control stick (heat a stick of plastic runner tree maybe), then you got a really good looking nowadays F-14D, almost!

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