Test shots of 172001-vertical tails


-I paint the tail using gloss black, then apply the decals. 172001 provide all the markings to present both the earlier and later period of the final cruise, I choose the later. Here are photos of "before" and "after" the wash.

-IMHO, the surface state is the key to apply decals well. Basically, the more smooth, the less air bubbles, the less chance of  "whitening", and lead to the better effect. So I choose the gloss black as the "base", cos it could be a very smooth surface. As I expected, no bubbles or white spot there. Why the decal sheet looks thick in the first image? It because of the flash light overstated the edge, and the water/back glue didn't dry thoroughly. After the wash and flat step, the final effect looks more acceptable.

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